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The bad baby and the pycho mom

Shared by: Veronika | Date: 07/17/2019 | Views: 397 | Report

Category: Sandals-Doll
Custom Clip: [email protected]
The Bad Baby and the Psycho Mom: This is a custom video ordered by one of my fans. This video is edited as a movie. A baby who behaves badly and a psychopathic mother punishes him as he deserves. In these scenes I shout at the baby a lot, I strangle him, I hit him against the wall, I trample him with my feet barefoot and with high-heeled sandals. I also kicked him several times, threw him into the air, forced him to lick the soles of my feet and to beg for my forgiveness. I give him fist punches, I trample him again and drag him down the floor under my feet. Then I take out a knife to stab him, cut him, and cut off his head, then kick and step on him several times. Finally I decide to dismember it with my hands and knives to finish it on fire in the barbecue ... This video was without a doubt, the funniest video that I fimle and the one that I liked the most. Normally I´m not watching my own videos, but this video I saw it again and again lol. Of course, the entire video is spoken in English as always.
LENGTH : 18:34 mins
FORMAT : - H.264 MP4 Encoder
RESOLUTION : 1920x1080 - 60 Fps

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