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Daysie (aka Beatrice) needs to get rid of an old car battery, but you`re not allowed to throw it into the normal garbage. What should she do? Well, because she hates nature, she used the opportunity to pollute the environment. So there she is in the meadow, ready to cause some damage. The thought alone turns her on so much, that she can`t help but pull out her tits and rub her pussy. She drills a couple holes into the battery case and kicks it over so that the acid can pour out and contaminate the ground. She rocks it back and forth with her foot, so more acid spills out of the case, all while rubbing her pussy and squeezing her tits. When the battery is empty, she kicks it down a slope into the bushes, where it can take a couple of thousand years to rot. Daysie laughs about the damage she just caused and masturbates some more before leaving.
Includes: Female masturbation, french dirty talk, pollution, littering, battery