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Warning: This animation contains blood. So, yesterday I picked a video I like and decided to try something new, an animation with a real video. So, this video is 50% animated and 50% real, let me know your thoughts.

The split. A school girl crushing a tiny man in half using her mary jane shoes. Click to read more.

The giantess girl first forces the tiny girls to smell her stinky barefeet and then she crushes both girls turning them into two blood stains.

Flandre sits on the bed to see the tiny Sakuya stuck inside her socks, tickling her feet desperately to try to get away, so, Flandre decides to crush Sakuya inside her socks and licks her blood.

Kushina and Mikoto on the bed having some fun, while both have inside their mouth some other Konoha people like their sons, Sakura, Hinata, Naruto, etc. Waiting to be crushed by their tongues.

Clark decided to do that same position, but this time with the Skunk Girl. I hope he will be fine because right now it`s a Skunk Girl, not only a casual school girl like before, the smell may be permanent this time.

(Controversial post). After some kisses and hugs, Clark decided to go 1 step ahead very early by removing his pants and telling his secrets to Hinata who finds everything very weird, but then accepted to do Clark`s desires.

In a normal day at school, Clark decided to tell something to Hinata but then, both discovered something very important that was hidden inside their hearts. Images requested by a dear supporter.

Here another quick image showing another animation coming soon, it`s the sequel of the buttcrush game animation, it will start with the tiny girl inside the giantess underwear smelling her farts much more intense now. Other characters on this animation will be Skunk Girl, Sakuya, Blake, Ramesses and much more.

Hey friends! Here some images from an upcoming animation, it will be available soon with other animations I`m working too parallel with this one. I have other animations and I`ll probably publish some WIP pictures then too, sorry the lack of posts but I`m so busy working on all this.

Hey friends! Long time I don`t post here, but as you can see I published some animations on latest months, and I`ve been so busy working on other animations. the game and requests that will be published soon. This animation is one of the animations coming soon, I`m publishing some pictures as requested by a member.

Tiny Marisa is on the library being tortured by Flandre, Remilia and Sakuya. First, Sakuya is suffocating Marisa with her feet and then Sakuya helps Remilia and Flandre to crush Marisa to death by guiding the feets to crush Marisa`s body. Remilia crushes the lower body and Flandre crushes the upper body, Marisa explodes under their feet.

This is the true history, when the government sent that bomb, all monsters shrunk and Nemesis was defeated by Sherry Birkin not Jill Valentine. Sherry stomps Nemesis to death!

Palutena is very bored when she decided to summon an evil guy from the earth to her home. But she summoned the evil guy without his clothes and made the guy very small to dominate him more easy. At first she kissed the guy because she thinks he is cute but then she starts the punishment by sitting on him.

Hinata (the fighter), with other friends at school helping her to punish the enemy in a very humiliating and degrading way (by farting on him). The enemy already in the stage 4 (very very tiny) can`t do anything at this point. This is one of the various victory scenes I`m planning to add when Hinata beats the enemy.

This image is very old but I`m sure that old members probably know it from before.

Just an image from the game School Defenders to explain more how the battles will happen. First of all, the enemies aren`t humans, they are all monsters from another planet (with shadow skin and red eyes) trying to conquer the world.

Tayuya defeated Naruto and his friends and she used her power to shrink everyone. Naruto`s friends are all under Tayuya`s toes, while Naruto is begging for Tayuya to not crush his friends under her toes, but she will crush them all and Naruto will need to lick her bloody toes.

May is dancing and practicing some new movements but she has no idea she crushed a lot of tiny guys while she was dancing, now her bare feet and the ground is full of small blood dots.

Marisa is trying to not fall inside Patchouli`s slippers while Patchouli is reading a book and having fun with this situation.

Yang Xiao Long (from RWBY) was walking and noticed a bug near her shoes, so she crushed it, but it wasn`t a bug, it was a tiny boy!

After a long day, Patchouli is very tired and she decides to sit on her chair on the library but she has no idea that Marisa is on her chair...

A tiny girl called Rarity is stuck on a slice of pizza and she is about to be eaten alive by Twilight!

Someone is about to use a cotton swab but this person has no idea that a tiny Widowmaker is stuck on the cotton swab fibers.

Well, it`s just a picture of a bra on the table, right? No, take a closer look. It`s still just a bra on the table. No, it`s not, use a microscope.

Weiss was watching TV on the couch and a while later began to feel a tickle in the crotch...

Barefeet version. Tohru was walking on the city and she noticed a tiny bug trying to escape, but, it wasn`t a tiny bug, it was a tiny human!

Tohru was walking on the city and she noticed a tiny bug trying to escape, but, it wasn`t a tiny bug, it was a tiny human!

Kiyohime shrinks the master girl and decides to torture and to smother the tiny girl with her tabi socks. After some time torturing the tiny girl...

Sherry tried to escape from the zombies and she decided to hide inside an abandoned house in Racoon City, but Nemesis...

Image requested by a dear supporter on november, 2017. This image request is special because it was the first request I enabled the 3D image feature.

Tiny Reimu about to be crushed under Marisa`s butt. Image requested by a dear supporter.

In the past days I was working on this section of the website, it`s a community system where I can publish posts, images and receive your valuable feedbacks, comments and suggestions...

This post is one of the most sad posts I already wrote in my life. It`s true that many of you know me from this website first, but each time a member from here...


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