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Kiyohime shrinks the master girl and decides to torture and to smother the tiny girl with her tabi socks. After some time torturing the tiny girl...

Sherry tried to escape from the zombies and she decided to hide inside an abandoned house in Racoon City, but Nemesis...

Image requested by a dear supporter on november, 2017. This image request is special because it was the first request I enabled the 3D image feature.

Tiny Reimu about to be crushed under Marisa`s butt. Image requested by a dear supporter.

In the past days I was working on this section of the website, it`s a community system where I can publish posts, images and receive your valuable feedbacks, comments and suggestions...

This post is one of the most sad posts I already wrote in my life. It`s true that many of you know me from this website first, but each time a member from here...


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