Get and Share Fetish (before known as Giantess Fetish)

This website is the best place to meet people like you, who love to share porn videos. All fetishes are welcome. The site was initially created to share videos about giantess fetish, a femdom category focused on something unrealistic but very fascinating which can include special effects of very tall women (or men) and very tiny people being dominated by these giantess people.

Why the name was changed to Get and Share Fetish then?

Because the community was uploading other femdom categories too, such as crush fetish, feet fetish, strapon, spit, bdsm, etc. So, instead of giantess fetish, the name get and share fetish makes more sense, since these categories are all fine too.

Crush fetish is a category derived from feet fetish which involves a girl or a man crushing things like food, baloons, toys and even computers with bare feet or using shoes, high heels, etc.

Strapon fetish also known as role reversion, is a femdom category derived from bdsm which involves a girl using a dildo on a man. Some categorize this as gay too. - Rules