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What is giantess fetish?

It's a sexual fetish where the main objective is to see someone big, dominating someone small by stomping (crush), sitting (butt crush) or eating (vore) the smaller one. This fetish is also known as macrophilia / microphilia, it's a variation of masochism and may interest people who actually like feet or being dominated.

People who love this fetish may like to see real videos of bug crushing, food crushing, doll crushing or MMD giantess animations (3D) and sfx videos, there are some places in popular websites offering these videos, but most of the time, these websites remove the videos.

We offer a place in this website for you, to trade these kind of videos with other users. We don't accept hard crush (with animals) we accept only bug crushing videos, and people in the videos must be 18 or older.

What is

A place to share everything about giantess fetish (videos, images and animations). You can get some video link, if you share something too, this is the point of the site.

You can use any service to share your links, the preferable is, but you can use Google Drive or One Drive too.

If you did an animation, you can upload as a video and request to admin in the description of the video, that you want to put your animation in the "Animations / GIFs" section which is public to everybody (no points required to watch).

We all know how some video websites treat giantess animations, so, we will be doing giantess animations, hosting here, and you are very welcome to host your giantess animations here too.

This site has too many ads!

Yes, sorry about these ads, we use them to pay server costs and keep the site up and running, so, we can't remove the ads now because we need to pay the server every month, this is the only way to keep a free project for free.

You can trust in these ads, because they are served by trustable companies and they don't redirect you to bad websites, all ads are manually approved by them.


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